Laptops Vs PDAs – The Pros and Cons


Do you know the Major Differences between Laptops and PDA’s?

When most people hear the term ‘laptop’ they immediately think ‘mini computer’, the same can be said about the term ‘PDA’ being a ‘glorified address book’. In reality these items have become essential for students, businesspeople, and the average housewife for keeping track of everything from appointments to phone numbers and addresses. While laptops and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s) share many of the same features, it is important to compare the two and determine exactly what you will be using it for and the device that will fill that need.




Downloadable to PC

Fewer Programs to sort through



Less Memory

Smaller Screen



More Memory

Larger Screen



Many files to sort through

As you can see, it would be much easier to walk into class or a business meeting with a PDA in your pocket than a laptop in your carrying case. While having less memory may seem to be a major disadvantage at first, in reality you will be better able to find the program you need much faster than if you had to search and wonder where you saved it on the laptop.

In addition to the normal features of note-taking, to-do lists, names and addresses, and calendars, most PDA’s also offer email, web, and cell phone services. This allows the PDA user to download the notes from the PDA quickly to a laptop or personal computer (PC), research the internet, and talk on the phone. You can do the same things from your laptop by using instant messaging with audio but unless you use headphones (another bulky item to haul around) the entire room will hear your conversations.

Music versus Images. Both features are available on PDA’s and Laptops with pro’s and con’s for each. If you are at home it is much easier to use your laptop to play your favorite songs and continue with what you were doing; but if you are anywhere else, a bus for instance, it would be kind of silly to haul out your laptop, set it up, search for the song you want, and play it. The PDA, being easier to transport, makes listening to music much easier, however, the small screen on the PDA will not allow you to fully enjoy the images and pictures sent to you. Memory is also a problem for the PDA when it comes to storing your images; a laptop offers more memory, a bigger screen, and more detail.

The differences between PDA’s and Laptops become smaller every day with laptops becoming more compact and lightweight and PDA’s becoming more powerful and having more features. It is important to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages, pro’s and con’s, and types of uses for each device before making a decision on which one to use. Making a list of how you will be using the device is a great place to start, and then choose the one that best suits your needs.


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