A Horse Racing System That Produces 50% Winners

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This article is written for people who do not know much about horse racing but from time to time want to enjoy the heart-pounding excitement of the Sport of Kings.

First understand, betting horses is a gamble. There is no short-cut secret to winning millions in a week. Although a lot of people would like to believe that.

If you want to go to the race track, to enjoy the atmosphere, the majesty and beauty of the amazing thoroughbreds, and the most exciting 2-minutes in all sports, read on.

Without betting there would be no horse racing, and that’s what really makes the races exciting – you have a stake in it.

Imagine going to a baseball game or basketball game without rooting for one side or the other? How dreadfully boring! This is the psychological aspect of sports that hooks people. Or for that fact, anything in life. In politics you take a side and invest yourself in it (not always with money, but with allegiance). There’s music you like and invest time in listening to it and learning the lyrics or musical patters. It’s all the same.

So if you go to the racetrack, I’m going to show you how to invest “yourself” – aka your money, have a great time and come out either even or ahead a few shekels. But the best part is that you don’t need to know anything about the sport – here’s how:

1.) Look at the Morning Line of all the horses in a race: This can be found in the race track program or the betting form. The morning line is an estimate of each horse’s odds of winning the race. The lower the morning line odds, the better the chance a horse is appraised chance of winning the race.

The odds usually run from 2-1 up to 50-1. That means a 2-1 horse has a probability of 50% chance of winning the race; where the 50-1 horse as a very small 2% chance of winning the race.

2.)  Look for the two lowest morning line odds horses: This is self-explanatory. It would be the two horses in the race with the highest probability of winning the race. This would usually be horses at 2-1, 5/2, or 3-1 morning line odds. Or put another way; choose the 2 horses with the highest probability, according to the morning line, of winning the race.

3.) Wait until 5 minutes to posttime and of the 2 horses, bet the horse that is now LOWER ODDS than his morning line: The morning line odds are simply an estimate of the horses’ chances, but the real odds are created by the betting public. For example you chose two horses, say the #5 horse with morning line odds of 5-2 (that’s 2.50 to 1 odds) and the #8 horses with 3-1 morning line odds.

Now with 5 minutes to post, you notice the #5 horse is 3-1 and the #8 horse is 9/5 odds (that’s 9 divided by 5 or 1.80 – 1 odds). What this is telling you is that the betting public (which includes the horse’s owners, trainer and some smart players) think the #8 is a better play than the #5.

You know very little about handicapping and want to follow the “smart money”, so you go to the betting window and bet $10 to WIN on the #8 horse. Ticket in hand, you go out and watch the race live. 

10 horses battle for the win. It’s a tight race and the #5, #8 and #2 are pulling away from the rest and vying for the win. You scream and root for the #8 horse. The jockey is urging the horse to give all he has and he responds and pulls away an easy winner!

You just experienced the thrill of horse racing and collect $1.80 profit for every dollar you wagered, that means you got back $28. A nice $18 profit – or 180% return on investment!

Will you get rich using this horse racing system? Not really. But you will win about 40-50% of the time, keep any losses to a minimum, give yourself a great chance to come out ahead, and most of all have FUN AT THE RACES!

Good luck to you!

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