What Effect Does the Strike to Carotid Arteries Have

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Carotid arteries are an ideal spot for aiming strikes when it comes to the street fight or the real self defense situation and also the spot you should avoid during martial arts training or martial arts sports event.

Hitting carotid arteries is not fun and even if you are fighting on the street, you should always reconsider aiming your strikes to this area.

The more you should cover it so you won’t get hit there.

Each properly landed strike to carotid arteries causes a shock to the whole body, paralyzing the opponent (or you) for a while and can even result in temporary inability to breathe (if you are still lucky).

What you actually hit is the carotid sinus where the common carotid artery bifurcates into the internal and external carotid artery.

There are receptors in the carotid sinus that controls the blood pressure in these blood vessels. When the pressure changes, they send the nerve impulse to the brain, which then forwards this information to the heart to change its work according to the brains needs.

You can find the area of carotid sinus on the side of your neck (where your carotid artery is) in the same height as the notch of the thyroid cartilage (also known as the Adam’s apple).

By hitting the carotid artery you can cause the bradycarida, heart attack or cardiac arrest.

The hit in the carotids or carotid sinus if you wish is one of the death touch methods of well known Dim Mak concept. However I don’t believe in the death touches, there is a little science behind hitting carotid arteries because each hit actually can RESULT IN DEATH.

Each of these three things has a great impact on brain and heart function which can have also have fatal impact on one’s health.

If you want to train the moves and strikes that aim to the neck, always wear proper protection to avoid possible harm you can cause.

I also recommend, when fighting older people, avoid these spots at all costs. Elderly guys are more fragile and hitting sensitive parts of the body always has greater impact than on any younger person.

I hope you understand a little bit by now.

And that is far from what you can actually know about street fight and real self defense.

There is much more you can learn.

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