Colors That You Shouldn’t Wear Together

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The right combination of colors in your outfit is very crucial; even an expensive outfit can look a disaster if the combination does not match, and that’s why the right color combination is so important. A basic rule is that you should always match shades in the same family. For example, if you are wearing a red shirt, you can always wear a maroon tie with it. In the same way a neutral top or pant can be matched with any other neutral item.

Neutrals can be paired with any other color: Most of the times, a neutral pants or top can be matched with any color of your choice. A neutral can also be mixed with another neutral color. But you should know how to execute a combination of two neutrals together, if you get it right, the result is a very classy look.

Neutral shades include: brown, navy blue, grey, tan, khaki, white and black. These colors can be worn with any other shades, as they are base colors.

Black is a very important shade and it can go well with lighter colors like white and off white etc. Some may argue that black doesn’t go well with colors like red, yellow, orange and pink, but in fact it suits ALL colors. Black with brown (preferably dark brown) is a really good combination and always looks classy.

Any color paired with Yellow can make quite an outrageous combination so be careful what you wear with this color- yellow will make you stand out and can be quite a difficult shade to match with other colors. Don’t match yellow with red, purple, blue or black.

Other color combinations that should not be worn together include:

Black and yellow: This will make you look like a bumblebee.

Blue and yellow: Do you really want to look like a police officer? Unless you’re going to a fancy dress or are a police officer- do not attempt to wear this color combo.

Green and red: You may only be forgiven for wearing this combination once a year- on Christmas, other than that- do not do it!

Brown and orange: It looks like you’re celebrating Thanksgiving- so unless you are, do not wear these together.

Some people can pull off wearing the most extreme combinations and yet some people look so horribly bad wearing these same colors. Experiment until you find shades that work well together, and that look good on you. Anything that resembles the crazy 80’s colors is definitely a “no no” on your list.

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