Child Molesters; Edward, An All To Common Name


In the news lately have been horrific stories of Child Molesters who have stolen the innocence from children and in many cases killed them in cold blood. After doing some research on this, I noticed that one of the most common names for child molester criminals was Ed or Edward. Each time a child is abducted the night-time news follows the story, occasionally it is a happy ending, but all too often ends in tragedy. Can it be possible that some first names carry with them baggage from the childhood sand box? Psychological issues which lead to depression, sexual frustration and later impotency?

We know that certain names do affect one’s personality and can even influence their career choices. Could it be possible it could lead a man to molest our children? Is it possible that this could be true? I did not believe it at first, yet as I began to study the name Ed or Edward with the vast numbers of child molesters, I was shocked indeed. What kind of a sick mind and weak individual would do that to a child. I cannot think of a worse example of a human being.

Here are a few examples of Child Molesters named Edward, really there are just too many to list. Even many who have middle names of Edward were found in the search. For instance; A homosexual child molester was arrested in New Mexico in December, 2001 for sexually abusing a 7-year-old boy. They also found child pornography in his home. His name; James “Edward” Sanders. We remember recently in CT where Edward Cardinal Egan got out of taking the witness stand about the catholic priests in the former Connecticut diocese. Actually one of the suits against the diocese included Edward Egan as a defendant. Some Child molesters work around children and find jobs, which allow them to be in close proximity to young children. Things like Mall Santa Clauses, photographers, music teachers, home improvement handy men or teachers.

Joseph “Edward” Latteri a school teacher, was found guilty of molesting his stepdaughter for over ten years. A Church Elder who taught classes; Edward Villegas, who was convicted for child abuse and molestation and later died in a California prison. Bishops Edward P. Cullen was named in another child molestation suit. Edward Stokes another convicted child molester serving a life sentence until he was freed and then guess what he did? Eric Edward Boice was convicted of child molestation and aggravated charges. Edward Fisher from South Carolina is also a convicted pedophile. Edward Lyle Knowles, Sr, was convicted of child molestation. Edward Lyle Knowles, Jr. was arrested and charged with rape and molestation. Donald Edward Cobern is a home improvement carpet cleaner and had three prior convictions involving sexual assaults against female children and uses his inside home cleaning and home improvement business to gain access to homes. This is typical of some of the hit and run tactics they use. Others as mentioned are in professions such a instructors of music, teachers, photographer and when their homes are searched after such incidents generally hundreds if not thousands of naked child porn is found.

Many times convicted child molesters will carefully disguise or find ways to keep from revealing their identities and create a low profile, while continuing their molesting and hunting of young children to molest. Those who have the name Edward; often alter between the name Ed or Edward and are careful to conceal themselves; it becomes so natural that often they will forget and do it within the same conversation. Why is it that names such as Edward and Ed seem to be so common amongst the most disgraceful and despicable examples of our species? One has to ask, there has to be something to this? Think about it.


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