How To Find Clients: 3 Tips

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Just being an expert in your field does not find clients for your business.

Gaining knowledge on how to find clients as you are building a business, online, or a storefront business, is similar to planning a big trip for your family. You need to have an understanding of what you want, where you want to go, and how you will get there. Then put that into a plan that will get you where you want to go. In your business that would be a plan that means going from a few clients to many clients, and a waiting list.

It amazes me how many people start their business with no plan – no map of how to find clients. There is this belief that completing your training and printing business cards will just help you find clients wanting to pay you for your time, talents and gifts. I really wish it were so. But …

To find clients and make more money you need to do these 3 things.

1. Invest in learning. There are specific steps you need to take to get the business savvy that comes with experience in your market. Insightful learning for you and your business is not free. Sure, you'll have a few fabulous free events. And, hopefully apply a few points.To get deeper into understanding, you need to get serious and:

– Find a business mentor, a group or a home study program from a mentor you trust and invest your time, energy and money. – Read a lot of books about marketing and sales in your type of business – helping you understand more quickly as you visit with your mentor or work on your studies. – Go to conventions and seminars to learn more.

2. Learn where your clients will be looking for you. Every business has different ways that work best to find clients.

– A painter can put an ad in the paper and get 10 calls a week. – Yet a Loan Officer will never get a call.

Find out what is and is not working in your type of business. Check out the ads. Call the businesses to see how that is working for them. Do the research.

3. Understand the type of client you want and need to be targeting your marketing materials for.

– A painter may want to target only homeowners and their newspaper ad may include a senior discount. Or the ad may say commercial buildings and homeowners, interior and exterior – a different targeting tactic.

– A Loan Officer may be targeting Reverse Mortgages and then might hold teaching seminaries at Senior Centers and Libraries.

You can find clients and start making the money you deserve. You just need to have the right instruction and planning.

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