Different Benefits Of an Arc Trainer

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Found in most gyms and hotels, the arc trainer is a unique cardio exercise machine. It is actually named after its patented advanced stride technology – the Reverse Arc motion. This unique design does not place the user’s toe behind the knee; thus, reducing stress to the knee joint. Another excellent feature that is different from same low-impact cardio machines is that the leg and arm on the same side move together. In turn, this allows for optimal posture during exercise.

What Benefits Can You Get From This Exercise Machine?

Less join stress – Using this equipment is an efficient way of getting your heart rate up in low-impact environment. It is designed to allow user to experience a complete range of motion for the hip and knee, without the need to place undue stress on the joints. As compared to other low-impact machines, the toe moves behind the knee, and this can increase the stress on the knee joint. Based on most manufacturers, the patented stride technology will move the legs in a biomechanically correct pathway.

Efficient calorie burning – Calorie expenditure has been proven to be higher on the arc trainer as opposed to motion trainer and elliptical in a 30-minute workout session. It was emphasized that exercising in this fitness equipment would result in the greatest reduction of body weight in just a short period of time.

Enhanced muscle engagement – This fitness equipment will come with a wide range of variable resistance and incline. Also, it has longer arm features as compared to other low-impact machines. Be aware that higher inclines will emulate a stepping motion as well as target the quadriceps muscles in your upper thighs. On the other hand, lower inclines with increased resistance are sure to target and tone the butt muscles. And the longer arm features will allow you to get a harder upper body workout whilst maintaining proper wrist alignment.

Program variety – It comes with 9 custom workouts and 8 present programs. One program stimulates a series of hills. Moreover, this exercise machine offers 3 different exercise zones. Apart from the variety of workout programs, this offers various grip options. Hence, you can keep your hands on 2 different grip features on the arms or perhaps in the side rails for more stability.

Health experts highly emphasized that working in the arc trainer will help improve your stamina and enhance your power for running, sprinting and jumping, without introducing stress on your joints. To make the most out of your chosen high-quality arc trainer, you can actually mix up your workouts.

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