Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Pantyhose

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Some women are reluctant to wear pantyhose because they do not know how to wear them properly. They do not want to risk looking like fashion victims so they just completely exclude hosiery from their daily looks. Pantyhose are actually easy to wear and are versatile closet additions. They are inexpensive to buy and can easily spruce up your wardrobe. They complete your ensembles and give you a more refined and stylish look. Here are some important tips to remember when wearing pantyhose.

The Occasion

Do wear pantyhose to special occasions and formal events. Nude pantyhose are perfect to wear to major affairs like weddings and birthday celebrations. Skin tone hosiery is also great for more serious settings like in the office or while on a job interview. For funerals and solemn situations, you might want to try black pantyhose as they are more appropriate to wear. Gray sheer designs are ideal to wear to business meetings while other dark-colored pantyhose are wonderful to wear to fun evening cocktail parties.

The Footwear

Do wear pantyhose with closed shoes. Ballet flats, pumps, and boots all look wonderful when paired with pantyhose. You can opt for opaque pantyhose to wear with brogues or oxfords for that preppy school-girl vibe. Do not wear pantyhose with open-toed sandals, sneakers, trainers and other athletic shoes. They do not go well together and looks tacky. Also, be wise in selecting your footwear when wearing pantyhose. Skip the hosiery such as fishnet pantyhose when wearing lucite heels or sexy strappy sky-high stilettos. This looks distasteful and makes the wearer appear trashy.

The Weather

Always wear pantyhose like thick tights and cable knit stockings when you are in a cold environment. They provide warmth and also add style to your outfit. Pantyhose are perfect to layer under skirts, dresses and long coats. Do not wear pantyhose to the beach, when going to tropical destinations or in other humid locations. They will not be comfortable to wear especially when it is scorching outside.

The Hosiery Style

If you are attending an occasion with a strict dress code, always go for neutral colored pantyhose like grays, blacks and nudes as they make you look polished. Casual pantyhose styles like printed and patterned stockings are only acceptable to wear during informal days such as the weekends or perhaps when you are going to the mall or while during errands. Keep in mind at all times that ripped or torn pantyhose looks unprofessional and cheap. This style was popular back in the 90’s grunge era and does not look fashionable and current.

The Outfit

If you are wearing a relaxed and fuss-free outfit, you can choose more trendy pantyhose designs like pastel hued tights. However, basic styles in solid colors or plain designs are suitable for elegant and dressier outfit options. Lace pantyhose look amazing with little black dresses while fishnets are your hosiery of choice when wearing classic frocks. They instantly bring in the right amount of glamour into your ensemble.

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