Why The World Needs More Music Teachers

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Music is a key to the soul. When we talk, our inflections create interest in our words and convey emotions. Whenever someone speaks in monotone, you do not even want to listen. Why? The music is missing. Music is everywhere from shopping malls to the birds singing outside. While our society would be flat without music, this is not the only reason music is important. Music lessons life skills.

Through music, one can learn skills and accomplish tasks that seem impossible. Why else would there be a field called music therapy?

Experience is life's greatest teacher. Through learning a piece of music, students learn dedication, goal setting, time management, accountability and more. They learn how to listen to something honestly through observation. In order to polish a piece it takes perspective, the ability to step back and assess strengths and weaknesses. It takes critical thinking.

Music improves motor function, especially fine motor function. Music lessons can be extremely rewarding for students who are rigid in fine motor skills. As they learn their instrument, their fingers, hands, and arms, naturally learn new patterns which strengthen their skills. There are also studies that state increased motor function increases brain function.

Just showing up for lessons each week takes responsibility.

History becomes alive and active when students learn about composers, performers, different genres and style periods. Not to mention a foreign language as students begin to decipher dynamic markings, tempos that are written in Italian.

Have a student count a few measures out loud and math also becomes aural. Addition and subdividing abound!

Learning music is like a puzzle. Through attention to detail in many small parts the larger picture is created. Phrasing, articulation, notes, rhythm, intonation, fingering, all come together to form the piece. Talk about learning the ability to multi-task!

Listening skills are also critical. The ability to be quiet and take something in is a skill many students in today's busy world can greatly benefit from. Many music students excel in school studies simply because they have developed the skill of listening and remembering what they just heard. They are able to easily process the information their teachers are presenting.

Music takes patience. Our lives are full of instant gratification, fast food, cheap clothes, internet etc. Music is real-time. You build character visits through the learning process. Mistakes do, will and should happen. Students will learn one of their greatest skills through mistakes, how to deal with them effectively, learn and move on.

Music creates confidence through public "speaking" and performing. It provides an opportunity to be part of a group when performing and putting one's self out there in a solo performance. It offers the chance for every child to feel special.

Music is creativity in motion. It is emotion projected in sound.

Music is science you can hear. We can not see sound waves, but we can certainly hear them. Music is about trusting that something exists because you can feel it, not because you can see it.

Music is real life in sound.

So why do we need more music teachers? The world needs more people making a positive difference. Kids need skills. As a music teacher you do not have to actively think about giving kids skills, it happens naturally, organically. Through learning music, students learn more about themselves without anyone cramming it down their throat to do this or be that.

We all want to belong in life, we all want to feel valued, worth something. We all wish to contribute to society. Teaching music lessons provides the perfect opportunity.

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