The Style of Reindeer Rugs

The vast majority of people who choose a reindeer rug do so because they want to take advantage of that style, and they can do so in a variety of different and exciting ways.

A Traditional Rug

Using a reindeer hide rug is not as simple as throwing it over a bare patch of floor. The best results come from using the reindeer skin with care to make the most of its natural advantages.

The most important thing to remember is that an ornamental rug needs to be visible. Putting it in a place where it will never be seen defeats the purpose of having it. On the other hand, putting it in an area where too many people will walk on it will damage the rug. It will also mean that people eventually stop noticing it, because they rarely pay close attention to things that they walk over.

Instead, put the reindeer rug in a place that has high visibility and low traffic. Ideally, people who do walk on it should do so in bare feet to keep the rug clean. Bedrooms and some living rooms are ideal choices. It may be tempting to put one near a fireplace to serve as a cushion on the floor, but the heat is bad for the rug, so that isn’t a great choice.

A Furniture Throw

Reindeer hides can also serve as excellent furniture throws. Many people use them as table covers, which is an excellent choice as long as people are not eating on the table, since it’s hard to clean spills off the skin. Putting them on a seat is another excellent choice, since they can provide another layer of cushioning.

Size is an important factor when using a reindeer skin as a throw. It’s normally easy to find one in the right size, both due to natural variance in the reindeer and by cutting them to shape, but it is necessary to measure the furniture in advance. Buying a reindeer hide that is slightly larger than the surface that you intend to cover will make sure that it stays on properly.

A Wall Hanging

A reindeer hide can quickly and easily cover a bare stretch of wall to make a room seem cozier. This also has some practical value. Most homes lose a lot of heat through their walls, and reindeer hides are excellent insulators. They can trap a large portion of that heat to help keep the room warm.

The reindeer fur will dominate the wall on which it hands, so it’s normally best not to pair it with too many other decorations. If you do add other touches, the rugs will look best with plants, wood, and other natural materials. Artificial materials should be used sparingly if at all, and only to create a contrast with the skin.

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