How to Fix Slow Download Speed on Windows XP

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If you use Windows XP and have very slow download speeds, there’s actually one problem which is likely causing this to happen. Not many people know this, but there’s a part of XP which actually causes the download speeds of your computer to run slower and slower.

The problem with XP & download speeds is all to do with the settings of your computer. The settings of Windows determine how fast a download can commence because back when XP was launched, Internet connections where not very fast. Microsoft has introduced a set of settings which limit the speed of XP downloads.

Because XP was launched in 2002, when the Internet was only really just starting to become popular, Microsoft decided to include a series of limiting settings on the download speeds of XP machines. Downloads are basically where your computer takes a file off another PC through the Internet, which means that if you had computers trying to get files way too quickly, it would ruin the whole system and likely damage your computer.

Microsoft introduced several key settings to throttle the speed of downloads on XP. These settings are located inside the ‘registry’ database which is where all the settings for your computer are kept. To fix the problem of slow download speeds, you need to fix all the settings that are causing problems for it. And to do that, you need to use a tool called a ‘registry cleaner.’

Registry cleaners are software tools which are designed to scan through the registry database and remove any settings that are causing trouble to your computer or are outdated. If you use a tool such as “RegCure”, it will look at all the Internet settings on your computer and see that a variety of them are no longer needed, removing them and speeding up your downloads as a result.

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