Three Proven Marketing Ideas

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Just as there are a number of products you can promote, there are a number of tools you can use to promote them — ranging from pre-written e-mail promotions, to pop-up and banner ads, to classified ads and product reviews.

1.There are a few different approaches to consider when you’re deciding how to market your products…

The personal approach:

Generally speaking, the most successful promotions are those that are more personal. A recommendation coming directly from you in an e-mail is much more likely to be successful than a random banner ad placed on any old page of your web site.

Why? Because your opt-in list consists of people who want to hear from you. They’ve given you their e-mail addresses in order to receive information from you. Since you’ve developed a relationship of trust with your opt-in subscribers, they’ll be much more receptive to your affiliate products if they know those products have your personal “seal of approval.”

2.The informative approach:

Another successful approach to affiliate marketing is to use the information-based tools: product reviews and informative articles. Your visitors will feel much more confident about making a purchase if you’ve told them — in detail — why it will benefit them, and if you’ve given them the information they need to help them make the “buy” decision.

3.The best tools to use, in order of effectiveness:

While all of the promotional tools we provide have been tested and proven to deliver excellent results, some are naturally more effective than others. Here is a list of the best tools to use, in order of effectiveness:

E-mail promotions

Articles and reviews — especially when used as ads

Pop-up ads

Text ads

Classified ads

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