The Relationship Between Nutrition And Weight Loss

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It’s no secret that what we choose to put in our bodies has a profound impact on what happens on the outside of our bodies, as well as impacting our overall health. Poor nutrition has been inexorably linked to everything from obesity to cancer. So when it comes to shedding those extra pounds, it’s no surprise that nutrition and weight loss go hand in hand.

The relationship between nutrition and weight loss exists because of the primary role that food plays in weight control. In order to lose weight you must reduce caloric intake and increase physical activity. A balance must be achieved between these two components in order to achieve a healthy weight. And in order to find the balance that’s right for you it’s important to evaluate how nutrition and weight loss affects you personally.

Many people – when they take an objective look at their food choices throughout the day – will be surprised by how poor their diet really is; a day spent skipping breakfast, nibbling chips and sweets, downing coffee to stay awake, and gorging themselves at night. It’s a cycle with which we are all, unfortunately, familiar. Staying in this unhealthy pattern will slow metabolism, deplete us of energy, and cause our bodies to store excess fat. In order to establish a positive relationship between nutrition and weight loss, it is imperative to make some critical lifestyle changes.

Nutrition and weight loss begins with making different choices when it comes to food. First and foremost, skipping any meal in the hope of weight loss is not only unhealthy – it also doesn’t work. In order to keep the body’s metabolism at a consistent pace – that which burns calories throughout the day – you must give it something to burn. By eating a healthy breakfast, we jumpstart our metabolism for the day. That is also why most experts recommend eating small meals frequently throughout the day – to keep our metabolism burning at the optimum rate.

But it is also just as important what and how much food we put in our mouths. In order for nutrition and weight loss to have the symbiotic relationship it is meant to have in order to optimize health, it is imperative to focus our meals and snacks around whole, natural foods. Choose fresh fruits, green, leafy vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Avoid fried and processed foods. And keep your portion sizes reasonable.

Nutrition and weight loss is inseparable. In order to achieve your optimum weight, you must turn a critical eye on the foods you are eating. Make some better choices and big changes, and you will soon find that you feel – and look – better than ever!

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