Videoke in the Philippines

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Videoke is a very popular form of entertainment in the Philippines. An entertainment in which amateur singers or just anybody who wants to try singing, sing along with recorded music using a microphone. On video, the voice of the original singers are removed or muted and the lyrics are displayed with corresponding moving cursors and changing text colors so that one can easily follow the song. These serve as a guide to successfully deliver the song. It can be in a plain TV with an attached player or it can also be a videoke machine wherein you press the corresponding buttons to enter the number of your song and then play it.

It has become so famous that wherever you go, you’ll find videoke bars. In my city, my co-workers and I usually go to a videoke bar on our rest days. The bar has more than 5 rooms in different sizes. Each is an airconditioned room that contains the TV set with 2 microphones, couches and table. The rooms are intended for small to large groups of people. Drinks and appetizers are also served. In the Philippines, appetizers or “pulutan” goes well with beer and similar beverage. The rates are hourly so you can sing all you want as long as you’re ready to put down the microphone when your time is up! lol

Another scenario in the Philippines for a videoke is simply in the homes of Filipinos where families gather together for an occasion. I should say that I also have fun and enjoyable memories singing on videoke with my family. One will also find videoke in some malls as part of the recreation area. Videoke is not only to those who have the golden voice, but it is for everybody who just want to enjoy each treasured moment.

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