The Foundations and Tenets of Aikido

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One of the meanings of Aikido is “The Way of Harmony with the Spirit”, the martial art is a non-violent martial art. Despite this no one should be deceived, when used properly Aikido can just be as powerful as and even more so than other martial arts. This power can help in effectively neutralizing strong attacks and countering them effectively.

Morihei Ueshiba, who is known as O-sensei in the world of Aikido, was the one who created the martial art. O-sensei was a master of Jujitsu or unarmed combat, Kinjitsu or sword combat, and sojitsu or spear combat and he was also versed in philosophical and religious teachings.

Due to the religious and philosophical foundations of Aikido, the foundation of the martial art also focuses on means to merge self with the Ki or spirit within. Harmony must also exist with the forces of nature. One of the philosophical teachings of Aikido, is to learn how to control your person. By having an inner balance you can harmonize with others and control the attack of an opponent by applying a technique that is equally efficient. Self-control can help you attain and benefit from real harmony.

Another foundational principle in Aikido is the Principle of Oneness. An aikidoka or student of Aikido must understand how to become one with any situation. Doing this means having some respect for everything and every situation that occurs. By becoming singular with every and any occurrence you gain harmony and execute diverse Aikido techniques simply, efficiently and accurately.

Harmony is also part of the spiritual techniques of Aikido which makes everything one. Aikido involves a combination of different circular movements. These circular movements and techniques focus on the idea of circular motions. Whenever an opponent attacks you, the Aikidoka will use the circular motion that is part of the lower abdominal region in order to direct the attack and utilize the necessary Aikido techniques to direct a counterattack.

The saying that a defense is the best form of attack holds true in Aikido. During Aikido is you want to defend an attack properly you must shift away from the effectiveness of the attack of your opponent. When trying to defend against the range and effectiveness of your opponents attack you should also maintain your own range and effectiveness so you can counterattack properly.

Distancing yourself too much from your opponent restricts your ability to counterattack effectively. If you stand too close it may also do the same. It all depends on the situation. You must learn how to effectively avoid the range of your opponent and control yours at the same time in every situation.

The Principle of Ki in Aikido focuses on the belief that every single thing that is part of the universe is governed by a force. Ki is a life force and binds the mind and body. It is the energy that merges us together with our surroundings. If you control your Ki you can unify your mind and your body and maximize the efficiency and execution of your techniques.

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