Football Player’s Position

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If we are talking about playing football, I think most of us want to be a striker or forward player, it’s because we think that the striker is the best position in the game and the others just for supporting the striker. And also we think that the striker is a hero for the team because he makes scores and finally wins the game. Sometimes common people say that they win only because of the Forward players or the strikers. But actually, their assumption is wrong, because the main thing that is important in football game is teamwork. Each player in the game must be discipline and do their duty based on their position. Without that, the play will be bad and the team won’t win the game.

In football game, basically we know about 4 positions of players; Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (DF), Midfielder (MF), and Forward or Striker (FW). In each position, they have their main duty in a game. So, what are actually the characteristics of each of them? Okay, let’s check it out.

The first position is a Goalkeeper. Goalkeeper is a position which has a main task to protect the goal post from opponent attack. This position actually is placed in the back of the others position. So, he just stands under the goal post and blocks the ball that comes to the goal. The characteristic of this position is goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball with his hand.

The second position is a Defender or we usually call it as Back. Someone in this position has main task to protect their area from opponent attack. The position of back is in front of the goalkeeper. Usually in a game, defender is divided into two; Center Back (CB) and Side Back (SB). Center Back is a player who stands in the middle of defense area and in front of the goalkeeper. This kind of position holds the biggest responsibility in team after the Goalkeeper. Then the Side Back is a player who plays in the side of the defense area. Sometimes, this kind of position is helpful when attacking.

The next position is Midfielder. I think this is the most flexible position in the match. Because someone in this position can do everything, both attacking and defending. The midfielders play in the middle of the field. And also, midfielder is a position that is very important in a team. Because, they can make the defender are connected to the forward players. It means that the midfielders are the Playmakers in the game. Actually in the real game, the midfielder is divided into 4 positions; Center Midfielder (CMF), Defending Midfielder (DMF), Attacking Midfielder (AMF), and Side Midfielder. CMF tends to make the beautiful play by giving pass to others teammate. While DMF tends to more help the defender to defense. It means this kind of player is more defensive. Then an AMF is the contrary of DMF. It means that this player is more offensive. And the last is SMF, this player can both defending and attacking in the side of the field. This kind of player is usually called as a Winger.

And the fourth position in football game is a Striker or Forward player. This player has the main task to make scores by driving the ball into the goal post. In this position, the player should have good instinct and can make good positioning. And the Striker should be able to maximize the chance to make a score, because in the real game, the striker is always kept by opponent player.

By knowing about the characteristics of football players, we can conclude that, each position have their own duty and role in playing football. It means that the striker that cannot bring the team into victory without support from their teammate. Also the team cannot win the game without the participation of strikers. So we can say that all types of position in the game are important and each of them cannot stands alone, it means that the most important thing is teamwork. Without that, I think it is hard to reach victory.

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