Interactivity and Individualization in Online Marketing – 5 Tips to Increase Traffic

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Interactivity and individualization in Online Marketing are two essential components that are necessary when it comes to online marketing. These elements work alone, as well as together in the development of online marketing programs.

Interactivity in online marketing programs

The integration of diverse services to implement web based marketing programs is advantageous to the programs involved. The sharing of ideas help motivate and stimulate the unique characteristics that are most needed for online marketing consultants. It is much easier for marketing specialists to communicate with each other, due to the level of high technology that is imposed in today’s business world. There are various manners that marketing consultants can communicate with each other and take their ideas and innovations to the next level. These methods are as follows:

  • Surveys

Online surveys are methods in which communication brings feedback and assists in the ways that marketing programs can be successful, especially in regard to the target population that is most profitable for these websites. They are quite inexpensive to develop and their results can be priceless to any marketing company.

  • 24/7 chat customer service

A customer service 24/7 chat line is a valuable tool when it comes to keeping customers satisfied. It is also a good method to use as a check point in relation to online advertising. After speaking with a customer, an online tech specialist can easily see if the marketing campaign is understood and if it is accomplishing positive results for the company.

  • E-mails

E-mails have always been a great way to communicate with people, especially relating to online marketing. They are wonderful methods to introduce a company and/ or products to many people instantly. They must be concise, clear, and short with pertinent information that will increase the interest of their readers to pursue the company or products listed.

  • Web analysis

Web analysis aids those consultants who are hired to assist marketing companies in their understanding of what methods are best for a specific marketing program.

  • Online audits (Outsourced)

Online audits are very often outsourced in order to provide objective and non-biased reports and/ or data.

Individualization pertaining to online marketing agendas

Individualization, better known as customizing, is preferred by many companies today. The major drawback to an individualized marketing strategy is the cost, which is usually much higher than other types of online marketing programs. Customizing a webpage, rather than using a generalized template, may also take more time. Sometimes an individual, such as a small online business entrepreneur, would rather use templates and save money so that he/she can design a site and have an active part in the website, rather than pay a web designer and have no significant role in the site.

All in all, Interactivity and Individualization in Online Marketing, are two elements that can and/ or will control the fate and success rate of any website. Without good communication through interactions, a website will not have positive end results. An individualized site is also very important when implementing an online marketing program. If a site has implemented both communication and customized marketing programs, then this site is sure to acquire increased traffic and profits.

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