Good Health Practices

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Good Heath is fundamentally the well being of life itself, it masters all the process of ones mind and occupies a great deal of prevention and awareness in regard to the many treats the human body may incur. The main aim of this information is to promote good health and to regard it as an achievement.


People do not always consider Good Health in a positive way, but they tend to think mainly about curing people who are either ill or suffering from a mental problem, but there are signs that more emphasis is being placed on preventive medicine – “prevention is better than curative medicine as practiced in hospitals is becoming more and more expensive. This alone is raising questions as to whether, we would produce better results for the community as a whole.

History confirms the important contribution which preventive medicine has made to Good Health. Thus as the president of New Zea land Medicak Association said, “the improvement of life expectancy in our country has been as a result of improvement in sanitation and housing, more due to plumbers and builders than doctors. to improvements in food, clothing and conditions of work and to treatment of episodic diseases”

what is really required is a well balanced integrates programmes of preventive and curative medicine, designed to meet the needs of an area at a given time, and for the programmmes to be flexible i.e for changes to be made in it as the needs change.


Before an effective programme can be made, there must be an understanding of traditional background of the people to be served: their economic situation, family structure, religion, interest and problems must be known. it should be recognized that changes which are advocated may not make sense to them. they can not be expected suddenly to change their whole outlook to accord with the ideas of modern medicine. these ideas have to compete with traditional ideas and rural people, especially, are not sure that scientific medicine can diagnose and treat all kinds of illness.

In other words, good health services cannot be forced upon an unwilling community. so, health workers should use the cures which can be achieved by drugs and survey to increase the peoples confidence and thereby lead to requests for further curative services.

This in turn, will help to win the peoples acceptance of preventive services.

Not only do preventive and curative services form part of one whole, in practice there is no dividing line between them. thus, hospitals may be mainly engaged on curative work, but their associated health centers and clinics will be engaged in preventive work in the locality.

Indeed a hospital usually provides the base for preventive work in the locality and also provide facilities for training the staff. in short, the hospital will be organized to serve the community in all aspects of health care,socially as well as medically.

It is sometimes thought that if only sufficient preventive work were carried out, the need for creative medicine and therefore hospitals would be greatly reduced, even limited. unfortunately experience in developed countries shows that the demand for hospital treatment increases rather than diminishes with improvements in the standard of living, but this demand must not be allowed to upset the essential balance between the preventive and curative approaches to Good Health. The hospital must provide services and, at the same time, be the correspondence for community health services.

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