Are Bad Credit Motorcycle Loans Possible

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Are bad credit motorcycle loans possible? This is a question I am asked over and over again, whether it is just meeting a person on the street or though e-mail from a person that found my motorcycle financing website. Well the short answer is yes bad credit motorcycle loans are absolutely possible even if you have a bankruptcy on your credit report. However, there are certain things you need to consider before looking for a bad credit cycle loans because you can be taken advantage of just because you have poor credit.

First off understand that over and over again in the world of motorcycle loans, I see cycle buyers with bad credit tend to focus more on desperation for getting approved for motorcycle financing rather than making a good decision for there financial future. As a result, when the typical motorcycle buyer with poor credit is approved they are often stuck with hefty fees, and backend products that leave them paying much more for their motorcycle than they should.

If you have bad credit and need a motorcycle loan, the best advice I can give you is do not let someone tell you that you have to pay document fees, extended protection, Gap insurance or other add on products to get approved. Sure you may have to sacrifice for a higher interest rate on your bad credit motorcycle loan, but you do not have to get taken to the cleaners with a bunch of other fees.

It is the above reasons that it is important to try to sometimes go straight to the lender and find a lender that will finance bad credit motorcycle loans I am not going to tell you that it is easy to get approved like if you had a good credit but If you work a bit you can find motorcycle lenders specializing in bad credit. Here are some options you may want to consider.

1. Online Motorcycle Lenders: The nice thing about working with online motorcycle lenders is that you are going directly to the lender and there is no middle man involved with placing you in a loan that may put you in a bad situation. Going directly to the lender for bad credit motorcycle loans is always better in my opinion because the lender does not want to place you in a loan you will default on. On the other hand, going through a middle man you will find the middle man will want to place you in a situation where they will make the most money which could be a very bad loan for you.

2. Credit Union: Your local credit union may buy bad credit motorcycle loan more often than the average loan at a dealer because the credit union only has a small percentage of its overall loan portfolio in bad credit motorcycle loans. This allows them to control losses a bit better than a dealer because they have other think finance not just motorcycles. So they may approve bad credit motorcycle loans a dealer will not touch.

3. Personal Loans: Many people with poor credit tend to many times go for personal loans. I only recommend this option as a last resort, but I would much rather a bad credit applicant get the credit straight before getting a personal loan. The reason being is personal loans typically have very negative terms for motorcycle buyers and they can sometimes have interest rates in the 30% range. This is not a good situation for a motorcycle buyer.

4. Local Banks: Sometimes local banks can be an option for finding bad credit motorcycle loans, but typically they are stricter than Credit Unions. So check with your online motorcycle lender or credit union before going to a local bank. But similar to a credit union, local banks probably do not have a ton of their loans in motorcycles so this helps you chances of getting approved sometimes. Many times the less experience a bank has with motorcycle loans the better for you because they can sometimes evaluate bad credit motorcycle loans the same way as a car loan which typically is much more lenient.

So in a nutshell, if you are looking for bad credit motorcycle financing it is totally possible. It will require you to do a little more research than the typical person with good credit, but your efforts will be well worth it when you are riding your new motorcycle. The best thing for you to consider is not getting frustrated if one lender turns you down, because there is definitely a bad credit motorcycle loan out there waiting for you. You just have to start online or at your local credit union to get going in the right direction to financing your motorcycle.

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