How to Fix Runtime Error 13 in a Safe Way – Absolutely Easy to Follow

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The computers can encounter many errors and one such error is runtime error 13, which mainly occurs with programs created in Visual Basic. The runtime error 13 gives the message “Type Mismatch”. This is a common error and can be corrected in no time with some simple steps.

When you come across the error “Type Mismatch”, the first thing you have to do is to update Windows. Once you have updated the Windows, you should have to repair “AllowOMwithUI” settings in the registry. This repair is needed as it allows the computer to read all the files. You can do this repair manually or by using a registry repair software. You can go to “RegEdit.exe” tool and do the repair manually.

Another way to correct the runtime error 13 is to look for the files that caused the problem. You can look for patches from the software developers for correcting these corrupt files. The software developers give the patches free and the job of correcting the errors is completed once you install it.

Sometimes bad installations related to Virtual Basic, files and drivers may also lead to runtime error 13. In this case, it is good if the defaulted software is removed and installed again. It has been seen in many computers that the error may be solved after the installation is complete.

Apart from this, certain viruses may also cause such runtime errors. You should have to install spyware to get rid of the viruses.

Though the repair can be done manually, it is easier to do with a registry repair software. The registry repair software can repair all errors with ease within a short span of time. Another advantage of using such software is that you do not loss any data whereas there is a possibility of losing valuable data when repairing manually.

These are some of the ways that you can adopt to solve the problem but if the problem persists it is better to reinstall the operating system. Take note that you should not reinstall the operating system without having any knowledge of it. It is better to ask a trusted computer professional to reinstall the operating system for you. However, using a professional registry repair software can help getting rid of these multiple re-installations of operating system easily.

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