Trump’s Fascination With Wrestling – I Think We Are Witnessing Why Trump Was In Wrestlemania

I Saw Him Coming Like A Freight Train

Every since I got a glimpse in the early 90’s or Trump, I saw someone who I was completely at odds with when it came to his choice of lifestyle. I saw him on an interview on entertainment tonight, and I thought he was a materialistic idiot. That was a stark contrast to the way I was raised. I always knew deep down, that I was not an ultra-materialistic person. I judged my manhood on how great of an athlete I was, and how I fared in competition at sporting activities, rather on how much money I had. I always thought that working to the point of hardly having free time in life, was completely stupid. I noticed that Trump seemed bitter and hateful considering what he had in life. The next time I was forced to here about Trump (besides all of the subliminal news by the tabloids), I heard he was going to appear at Wrestlemania and wrestle Vince Mcmahon. I then started seeing him as not only a very materialistic and ego driven person (who I thought may have been insecure), but now someone who wanted to be known as a tough guy. He had been constantly in the tabloids up to that point. I couldn’t get him out of my ears if I was to turn on the TV.

That being said, I started thinking that this man is going to be in the news for the rest of his life, but why? Did America think that this was a definition of what all men should strive for? Why would they be pushing him on the public so much (what was the fascination?). I saw myself as a “180” of what he stood for. I stood for being the absolute very best athlete (something that money couldn’t buy). That’s the standard of which I still live by. He stood for wealth at all cost, even if it meant stepping on peoples’ toes. On the other hand, I stood for things that money couldn’t buy. I would have rather been the best basketball or overall athlete in the world, rather than the richest. To me, there can only be one overall best athlete in the world. For the ultra-materialistic, like Trump, although his lifestyle dictates what money can buy, and that he is the most powerful, given his money, there will always be someone with more money than he.

What Makes A Man?

I was born in Brandon, Fl. My parents were middle class, and I loved dressing surfer style. I like to think I set my own trend. Looking at my pictures as a kid, I was ahead of my time with the way I dressed. I thought of myself as a surfer/metal-head. Brandon ended up becoming synonymous with Death Metal, named for the band who called themselves “Death.” I hung around some of the same circles that some of the original “death” bands hung around. I always saw myself as having influence on friends, even though I didn’t want the spotlight — at all as a kid!

I am against Trump’s moral code, and one thing I can tell you is that I don’t like it. I think we need to oust Trump. I actually tried to call him out at a rally in Ocala, Fl. I got his attention, being that I was 6 rows back. After making initial eye contact with me, I noticed he didn’t look my way after that, until almost after he was done speaking (he didn’t even turn his head my way, throughout the rest of his speech!). At the end of his speech when he was getting his round of applause, he pointed and smile at me and winked. I just happened to be standing next to some good-looking girls though. There were very few younger girls there; most were older rednecks, and it was after all, Ocala, Fl, and the rally was held in a livestock stable. I wanted to confront him on climate change. Only time will tell what happens with Trump, but we need more of a representative on what men should strive to become — definitely not him!

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