The Number 1 American Bull Dog Health Problem

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American Bull dogs live long and happy lives when provided with the proper health care, which includes, diet, vaccinations, exercise and grooming. The American Bull dog health problem usually comes from improper health care. The cardiovascular problems along with the joint problem do not affect these smaller dogs as they do the larger dogs. Some studies have suggested that larger dogs have more hormone growth than the smaller, which is believed to shorten the life span.

The number one health problem for this breed of dog is diet. Coming up second in the care of the American Bull dog is the vaccines needed to remain healthy. Because these small dogs need less exercise, the diet needs to reflect the need for less food than a dog that has more exercise needs.

Feeding Your American Bulldog

Some believe that dogs can eat the same foods as what we do; this may result in improper nutrition that is supply by dog food. Because dog food has the necessary nutrition and vitamins needed to maintain a healthy life, food ingredients need to be checked before feeding to your dog. Because a dog’s digestive system has fewer problems digesting raw foods rather than cooked foods, dog foods contain additives that attract the dog’s attention.

The American Bull dog health problem with food is that they like foods such as oatmeal, cheese, eggs and fresh meats like poultry and beef. Unbelievably they also like fruit and vegetables, but they prefer uncooked foods, but do eat prepared foods, as will any dog. Are the foods that we eat are safe or not for the American Bull dog? This question has many viewpoints from many different veterinarians and breeders. The choice is yours when caring for your dog.

Vaccinations, The Number 2 American Bull Dog Health Problem

Keeping your Bulldog up to date on vaccinations is vital to their health and maintaining a healthy life without disease and even death. Viral diseases affect dogs that receive no vaccinations against such contagious diseases. The vaccinations protect the dogs against distemper, rabies and the parvovirus. In most states, the dogs will also receive heartworm pills to prevent the attack of heartworm.

Before a heartworm treatment is started, the dogs are checked to make sure they do not already have the health problem. If a dog has contacted heartworm already, prevention treatments may kill the dog, therefore, a test by the veterinarian will determine the dog’s status. Do not take vaccinations and heartworm treatments into your own hands, a vet is more qualified than you are to diagnose and treat the American Bulldog.

You have a beautiful dog that relies on your care and love to survive, the American Bull dog health problem does not have to be a problem when you take the time to learn about the care and grooming of these dogs. Always remember proper nutrition and exercise along with vaccinations keep your precious Bulldog healthy and happy.

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