Pros and Cons of Modern Communication Devices

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There is no denying the fact, that among all the inventions the Internet and mobile phone are the two that have changed communication the most. There are three reasons of this: the devices significantly reduced the time in which information is sent, they are widely available, and let us pass messages in various ways.

The advantages of modern communication devices.

First, via the Internet information reaches the other person almost immediately: emails are a faster version of letters, while documents (photos, records, music etc.) can be quickly sent as an attachment or uploaded on the special websites in just a few minutes. Also mobile phones make information get to someone at once which is of great value at work.

Then, both the Internet and mobile phone are widespread across the globe and there is hardly anyone who doesn’t own these devices. Thanks to them people can easily contact with their families or job associates living abroad.

Lastly, while using these two inventions we are not limited to one form of communication. The Internet lets us exchange written information via emails, social networking or IM, but we can also hear and see one another thanks to video chats. Mobile phones enable both texting and calling, with the additional function that lets the users attach pictures, recordings and photos.

All the benefits of modern communication are obvious and it is out of question for people not to take advantage of them. However, what is worrying is that communication by the means of technology is becoming not common one, but the only way of communication. People tend to forget about all the values and advantages of a face-to-face conversation and meetings.

Not face-to-face communication is adapted too much…

So why is communication that is not face-to-face being adopted too much? It is mainly because overworked societies act in haste and suitably to the old saying: “time is money”. People find it unnecessary to waste their time on travelling over some distance or getting stuck in a traffic if they can save minutes by calling someone from the place they are.

Furthermore, people began to think that it doesn’t make any difference if they see somebody face-to-face or with the use of a video camera. They find these two ways equal while the Internet conversation: lacks true emotions, we cannot hug somebody when they are sad, or observe their true feelings.

Probably the worst use of modern communication devices is when one wants to avoid confronting stressful or difficult situations at person. Now, a lot of teenagers break off with their partners by texting them. The result may be that in the future they can be unable to face serious problems that cannot be dealt with in other way that during a face-to-face talk.

As the mentioned points indicate, instead of developing real relationships, people hit it off with strangers via the Internet; instead of talking to their neighbors, they get on the phone and they no longer know surrounding them people.

If we do not cultivate the traditional way of communication that is face-to-face one, more and more people will: have troubles with building real relationships, suffer the feeling of isolation, and be characterized by low emotional intelligence.

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