Seven Mistakes New Managers Often Commit


Young professionals exhibit a variety of great traits. They are excited, energetic and generally fearless. These attributes often create a great amount of success for these in-charge individuals. Unfortunately, youth can have its downside. Learn what seven critical mistakes new leaders often commit.

Many business people, fresh out of college or technical schools, believe they are ready for all the challenges involved in a profitable career. They have learned the fundamentals of their fields and believe that is enough. What they fail to realize is that they need to commit to being lifelong learners. Investing in further education will keep them moving up the corporate ladder.

Everyone needs good role models. It is a crucial mistake for young professionals to neglect finding a mentor. These upwardly mobile business persons need the sage advice of seasoned executives to smooth their way. Developing a mentor-mentee relationship provides substance to new careers.

Often gaining a position in a top company causes a person to become complacent. This mistake can halter a professional’s advancement if they neglect to set and work on additional goals from the beginning of their career. He/she must concentrate on what they need to do in the present to make the future incredible.

It is often challenging for anyone to look at themselves critically. Finding weaknesses however, is a necessary trait of any individual embarking on a professional career. Young professionals must determine what they lack and fill in these gaps in order to improve and gain the notice of higher-ups.

Looking out for oneself is, of course, necessary in any career field. What youthful workers sometimes forget is that working with and for the company team is vital. Today’s workplace is all about communal effort. The young professional must embrace group initiatives for continued success.

New persons in various fields can also make the mistake of not acknowledging and supporting diversity in their workplace. There is much these persons can learn from those who come from different backgrounds, cultures and regions. When a business person fails to take advantage of this wealth of knowledge, he commits a grave mistake.

Finally, those who are new to corporate life often tend to make work their whole world. This dedication to business might seem noble, but it is a huge error. Those new to their fields should involve themselves not only with the companies they work for but with their community as a whole. Donating time to serving their area’s needs create caring, compassionate and well-rounded young leaders.

So, involvement with others and commitment to growth are attributes all newly hired professionals should incorporate. Avoiding the common mistakes associated with youth and turning them into positive action lead to meaningful, accomplished careers


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