7 Best Bass Fishing Lures

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Bass fishing is just one of the many forms of relaxation the individual can do to spend quality time with family or bond with friends. It beats working in the office and is a great escape from the pressures of the city.

There are a few things needed in order to fish as well as a boat, the fishing pole and a license since most states require it. There area also the lures, which will be used to attract the fish so these can be captured and bought aboard.

Here are some of the best things to use as lures when the person will go bass fishing.

1. Getting the right lure sometimes requires knowing what the bass loves to eat and a good example is a worm. Since it is hard to control where this small creature is doing, the best thing to do will be to get one that is made of plastic.

The supply store will have this in different lengths and colors so all the individual has to do is tie it at the end of the fishing rod then begin to reel it in.

2. Crankbait is also another lure that can be used to catch bass because it looks like baitfish or a crawfish. It can work in any kind of water and is used quite often to teach newbies how to fish.

3. Something similar to the crankbait is spinner bait. This is because the lure also looks like a baitfish and has been known to capture bass in larger sizes. These are also available in different sizes, color and blade configuration which the person can choose when going fishing.

4. For those who want to fish like the veterans, the best lure to get is the Jig and Pig. This model resembles a crawfish and is used in tournaments where this is placed all the way to the bottom and joins a bass that is swimming there hoping to get a nice meal.

5. The Bucktail Jig is another lure that can be used to catch all kinds of fish and just the bass. People can find this with plastic tails in the end that could be curly or straight, which really looks like a smaller fish, which these creatures love to eat.

6. The bass does not only look for a free meal at the bottom of the lake but also on the surface. The top water plug is one lure that just stays on top then it dropped down meaning a bass has gotten hold of the bait.

7. It may be hard to see in the water so bass have to rely on other senses to catch prey. The tail spinner moves around and when the fish picks up the vibration, the person sure has a bass and the only thing to do will be to pull it into the boat.

The last thing that can be used as a bass fishing lure is a spoon. No, this is not the kind used for eating but is curved and is more effective than the other kinds sold in the market.

Bass fishing can only be fun if there are fish caught for supper. This means having the right lures so this can happen regardless of the water conditions.

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