Business Cards – What You Really Need to Know to Have an Effective Business Card

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So you believe that your business card just tells a client your name and contact info. This is not the case. Your business card assures clients and potential clients a lot more than this.

Think of your business card as part of your sales team, in fact it is your personalized sales representative. This sales representative will be functioning for you when you are not. When a potential customer is recollecting a problem they will search their list of contacts by browsing business cards that they have acquired through out the years. If your card has that magical formula to arouse a response from reading your card then it has done its chore. More importantly, when submitting a business card it also gives an opinion about your degree of professionalism, how your business functions and your general abilities.

Your business card, like a respectable sales person must be equipped with a respectable sales ability and first-class product knowledge. If a salesperson does not have the above mentioned, then he will not complete the sale. This maintains true with a business card. If your card has the power to gain a sale and to relay product knowledge, once you then your business card can do its job in good order.

But how can you get those two important things into a small piece of paper?

When picking out a business card make sure that you use excellent quality stock for your business cards. Stay away from mediocre stock, make-it-yourself at home cards. These business cards will establish a terrible impression for you, your company and your overall business. You have to look like you regularly succeed in acquiring and carrying out a great volume of business. You can only do this by making the card as presentable as possible. You should supply a company logo that again, looks professional and in turn, this logo makes your card and you look more professional.

Another strategy to make your card more robust and raising its likeliness of completing a transaction for you is to make the card different from other business cards. When I mean different, I do not mean radically different. You must make sure your card appears presentable and respectable but keeping it different from your competitors. Business and contact information should be on the front of the business card but expressing facts about your company and ways that you are unique from the competition should be expressed on the back of your business card. This can include price differences, professional accolades or guaranteed level of service.

Differences can also be shown purely by having different sized business cards compared to common cards. One possibility is to create business cards that are slightly smaller than standard cards. Another fashionable alternative is to have all the information in portrait orientation instead of the stock landscape orientation. This will force the business card holder to turn the card and read the card. This may appear like a dry or poor strategy that does not result in any action but in fact there is a psychological portion to this. If a person is forced to do an action before they read something, they are more likely to retrieve or call that person because there was a previous action carried out. This action of curiosity is more in all likelihood, to snap a person's attention and potentially having a business card doing its job of completing a business dealing for you.

Remember; always have your business card with you at all times. You never know when you'll meet a possible customer. Being readied with a business card also proves your readiness in doing business.

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