6 Techniques to Increase Internal Strength and Fitness

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Modern society insists that nothing worthwhile is obtained without grueling, extraordinary effort, day in and day out. Whether climbing the corporate ladder or losing weight, you have been told that success only comes through massive amounts of time, blood sweat and tears. Thus, you may have trained yourself to be tense, aggressive and self-serving.

Chinese Energetic Medicine refutes this philosophy. It promotes the awareness of how to use the body efficiently and advocates strength from effortlessness and success achieved through natural relaxation.

Less is More

In nature, water and air are carried along effortlessly to create tremendous forces. You can train and correct your mind and body to emulate the immense forces of nature.

By practicing effortlessness in thought and movement, you allow your physical and creative energies to accomplish many times more than you ever thought possible through straining.

1. Circular Motions vs. Linear or Power Motions

Raises one arm in front of you and have a partner push down on that arm while you resist or push up. The stronger person will overcome the other. Either your arm will stay up, or your partner will make it go down.

With your free arm, move your fingers and hands in small, circular movements. Imagine you are rolling golf balls in the palm and fingers of your free hand. Notice how the raised arm is much stronger the second time your partner pushes down on it while you are performing this circular motion.

This illustrates how your physical strength can be increased by circular movement energy. Linear, back and forth movements decrease your strength.

2. The Strength of Your Tongue

Placing the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth increases physical strength. It increases your energy flow by physically connecting the central meridians or energy pathways through the body.

Try the arm test with the tip of your tongue lying normally in your mouth, and again with your tongue raised to the roof of your mouth. You will find that placing the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth strengthens you and eliminates your weaknesses.

3. Standing with Toes in and Toes Out

Stand naturally but with your toes pointed out. The arm test will get a weak response. Now, turn your toes in and you will get a strong response. This is another way energy may be circulated to increase strength. Always point your toes inward to stay strong.

4. Centering

Placing your hand vertically along your body’s midline strengthens your energy flow and immediately makes you stronger.

5. Stabilization

Standing erect makes you stronger than standing too far back or too far forward. Standing up straight must be done effortlessly. Stability in your legs comes from the looseness in your feet, ankles, knees and hips-all of which affect the rest of your body.

6. Movements at the Gym that Weaken

Mimic the movements of lateral pull-downs on the lat machine, then mimic the pushing out or up motions when using weights in building your triceps and deltoid muscles.

Perform bicep curls as in working your bicep muscles and do other movements used in your normal gym routine. Notice the immediate weakening effect on the body when the arm tests are done as you perform these movements. All movements immediately weaken the body except for lateral pull-downs-which strengthen.

The Importance of Internal Fitness

If you want to have more ‘on the spot’ internal fitness and strength, put some thought on your quantum particles and activate them so that they are bouncing off each other. You should also increase the kinetic energy in the empty spaces between your quantum particles, atoms and molecules and so on.

All fitness and strength should begin with Internal Fitness on the quantum particle level. When there’s no internal fitness, it is difficult to support the development of the external fitness.

This effortless amount of mental effort to activate your quantum particles, atoms, molecules, cellular activity, tissues, organs and so on up the line, will do more to increase your strength than any amount of external movements.

When you do outside movements without the support of internal activity, you actually aren’t getting anywhere. If the outside gets developed without the internal, it weakens you.

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