CBSE Grading System – A Boon or a Bane?

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Evaluation is an essential component of the education system. Evaluation helps in analysing one’s own understanding of the subjects by the students. Evaluation systems are also given a fresh new look. The old traditional system of allocation of marks has been uprooted and replaced by the modern grading system. CBSE (Central Board OF Secondary Education) grading system is a new step towards the new grading trend.

There was lot of debates concerning the grading system followed by the CBSE schools. I basically like this system because it reduces my stress regarding my scores. This also helps in increasing the number of the students who will get good career opportunities. This eradicates the inferiority complex among the students as the students who score 98% will be preferred to the student who scores 94%. Due to the emergence of this grading system, this differentiation among students will have no room. Both will be bestowed with an A+ grade and the preference given to them will be on the similar footing.

Grading system surely curbs the stress the students undergo in this competitive world. This will serve as an encouragement to the slow learners as they will get better grades. This will help them perform better in getting better career options. The traditional system was no doubt helpful to those who were keen on knowing their marks. But the stressful atmosphere induces the students to committing suicides.

The Central Board of Secondary education has designed this system with a sole perspective of proving a stress free environment to the students and eliminating the unhealthy competitions that sore up in the State Boards.

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