Learning to Jump Higher for Basketball – A Jump Manual Review

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Rating: 5 stars out of 5

The Jump Manual is a classic program for increasing an athlete's vertical leap. I have no doubt that anyone who purchases the Jump Manual will find exactly what they are looking for inside.

It is utterly comprehensive and covers every aspect of learning to jump higher conceivable: the top 15 exercises for higher jumps, a detailed analysis of each phase for jumping, several scarcely known secret "tricks of the trade" that can have you jumping higher in minutes (literally), a highly developed and cohesive training program to get you jumping higher as fast as possible, and more.

The completeness of the Jump Manual is what really makes it stand apart. Not only is the information coming from over ten years of experience as a vertical jump and quickness trainer, but it is laid out in an extremely easy and simple format-easy to read and apply, yet with enough in it to keep you coming back for more. Many other programs focus on just one training method, but these results in them missing out on the intense benefits that can be reached by using a multi-faceted training approach.

Users of the jump manual receive:

-Complete workout chart detailing everything you need to know to get the results you want

-Complete training video library showing you how to do every exercise and stretch

-Exact nutrition plan showing you exactly what you can eat to improve muscle gains and decrease injury

-One-on-one training with the author of the Jump Manual, Jacob Hiller

-Weight room alternatives so you can do the exercises even without a weight room

-Access to the in-depth members area training forum

-Inviews with NBA coaches, shooting coaches, professional athletes and more

-How to make a portable nutrition center

-Glossary of training vocabulary

-Complete section on how form improvements can get you immediate gains And much more all in easy-to-use, readily available software. The only disclaimer to this program: you will have to work hard and do the program. You will not improve if you do not do the exercises, but if you do them, you will see huge improvements in your vertical leap. My advice: if you're serious about jumping higher and improving your game, if you've always wanted to dunk but never quite been able to make it-this is the program to get.

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