VH1 Basketball Wives Finale

The finale has aired for the last show.

Suzie try to get Royce and Gloria together to make up. Things did not turn out well. Gloria was acting like Royce was a nobody and wanted nothing to do with her. Suzie loves to start trouble.

Jen staying with jabber jaws. I guess she realize she has no money without him and since they have no kids she really has nothing to take to court.

Shaunie trapped Gloria for the largest set up ever and it made Gloria look bad in the end. Gloria saying she stick by her sister no matter what even though her sister was wrong for sleeping with Shaq. She refuses to say her sister was wrong and kept saying blood is thicker than water. Matt Barnes got her trained. Evelyn let her have it and broke down with her ghetto ass. She still fine though even when shes kisses.

All in all, they killed too much. Gloria was set up twice and came out looking bad. Royce still looks out of place. Jen does not want to end up like Shaunie. Shaunie looks like a boss. Suzie looks like an ass. Evelyn was low key. Oh well, we have to wait until the fall.

I think after this first season, we realize that basketball matches do not last forever. They bring a lot of pain and add to the numbers of divorce couples to the African American community. Do not get married to a basketball player if you think he is going to be faithful.

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