Free Marketing – YouTube And Podcasts For Success

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Traffic generation is a subject that many people have no idea of how to tackle. Yeah they hear about all of the different traffic methods online, but nothing is clear with them. They still leave confused about what they need to do to get lots of traffic to their site. But one thing that they do pick up on is paid advertising.

When beginners hear the term pay per click advertising (PPC), they go nuts. They start investing money into PPC to try and get sales, but sadly they don’t become profitable. And aside from paid advertising, they have no idea of how to get traffic. They’re lost and confused; they think PPC doesn’t work; and then they just quit out of frustration.

But paid advertising isn’t the end of the story. There are other traffic methods online that people can use to drive traffic to their website. And the traffic methods that I’m talking about are free methods. I love free marketing for a lot of reasons, and you should get to know it also because it comes with a lot of benefits.

You get to earn 100% profits on every sale. You don’t have to spend money to make money. Sometimes you can see sales within days. You will get highly qualified leads to your site. And you will experience greater conversion rates from free marketing than you would with paid advertising.

There are a few methods that I am familiar with really well, and I want to briefly go over those free methods here for you today. They’re incredibly easy, they’re easy to implement, and they can bring you a lot of traffic within the first couple of days of doing them. Here’s free traffic method number 1 that I like to use:

1) YouTube

This is one of the best form of free promotion that you will ever see on the internet. YouTube gets millions of visitors everyday to site. In fact, they are the number 3 ranked website on the internet in terms of website traffic. So you can benefit from this traffic right away.

It’s best to be behind the camera talking to your audience, but if you’re camera shy, you can always opt for one of those “screen cast” software that records what you’re doing on the computer screen. A lot of people are successful at doing this, and you can be successful at doing this also. Here’s another good free traffic tip:

2) Podcasting

Ever heard of a “podcast” before. I’m sure you have. Even the most successful people on television use podcasts as a part of their marketing strategy. For example, financial expert Suze Orman uses podcasts on iTunes to get more listeners and traffic back to her website. She does a great job at this.

You can do the same too. Simply record a 30 minute podcast each week and submit it to iTunes. Let your email list know about it and put images up on your site letting your visitors know that you have content on iTunes. A portion of your visitors will prefer the podcast as opposed to reading, so you will be doing a big favor for them here.

Be sure to check out these 2 free online marketing strategies and put them into use today.

Good luck with promoting your site with free marketing.

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