Why Marketing And Adverting Your Salon Should Be The Last Thing You Do


Why marketing and advertising your salon should be the last thing you do.

Do you want to know why marketing your salon or spa is the last thing you should be doing right now ??

And the reason is very obvious.

In fact, I'm going to fly straight into the face of all those 'experts' out there and tell you that until you do one very important thing, you can forget about marketing altogether!

Marketing will be no good for you. Actually marketing could make your journey to bankruptcy a heck of a lot quicker! And that's not the reason you're in business, is it?

There is one thing you need to do before you do anything else, and you need to do it right now!
How do I know? Well I've owned, run and managed salon chains for 24 years. I've employed thousands of staff in that time, and I've gone from turning-over $ 16 a day to turning over many, many millions of dollars a year! And I'm not telling you that to impress you, but to justify the success in what I'm about to tell you.

And it's this … it's the one thing that almost all the wild successful salon owners do … and that is … stop deluding yourself.

That's it. Stop deluding yourself! You see, the reason why more clients are not coming to you in the first place is because you are not that special. You offer only average 'perceived' value for money. And there is nothing compelling about your business that makes your existing clients want to recommend you to their family, friends and work collections.

But here's the rub. You think you do. You think you do give great service. You believe that your services are pretty good.

You delude yourself.

Well, I've got news for you. So does almost every other salon and spa owner out there. And after speaking and training all over the globe I can say with some authority that you are deluding yourself.

Clients expect good service as a given. It is not enough to give good service. It is not enough to just thank your clients for coming. The reason why you have not grown substantively as a business is because your market can not differiate between you and all your competitors.

You are average.

I've asked thousands of salon owners if they believe they're 'above average', even if it's just a little bit. Every single one of them think they are! This in itself makes them average!

So, what has this got to do with 'not' marketing?

People are not flocking to your salon for a reason. Your salon is not growing for a reason. People do not want to go to your salon, and those that have been do not necessarily want to commit to return, because you are average.

Not bad, but not great either.

How do I know?

If you were great you'd be booked-out! If you were great, a client would have to book-in weeks in advance!

If you really think you are great, have a look at your appointment book.

Are you deluding yourself?

My experience tells me you that you are probably in the 95% of salon owners who are deluding themselves.

So, if people do not find your business good enough to tell other people about, then you must be doing something pretty ordinary in your business.

And it's right here that you do not want to be doing any marketing at all!

Why? Because if you do happen to attract a heap of people into your salon through some clever marketing or advertising, and your service is 'average' at best, you've just told the number of people who have just come-in, multiplied by 15 others that they will tell, that you are average!
You're going to spread the word that you are ordinary even quicker! Bankruptcy looms !!
Do not delude yourself. Look critically at your customer service. Pick apart the 'little things'. Make your salon an experience they will not forget.

Be honest with yourself.

Ask "what can I do to be great? What can we do that will make our existing clients become raving fans?"

When you have raving fans of the majority of your clients, well, you probably will not need to do any marketing anyway!

Neil McCallum


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