The Hype Offense – Basketball’s 1-3-1 Series


If you are a basketball fan, no doubt you have been witness to one of basketballs most popular formations: the 1-3-1 set. On average a basketball coach will see a 1-3-1 strategy at least 65% of his contests coached. Known more for its variable defensive angles, easy trapping slides, and creating deceptive turnovers on the defensive side of the ball, many are unaware of the power the 1-3-1 offensive series brings to a team.

For years the ‘Hype’ offense has provided a 1-3-1 approach to the physical side of basketball. Teams around the nation have used the 1-3-1 series to take advantage of their physical statue in the paint, develop a continuity series, set up key isolation plays at the end of the game, and control the tempo of key rivalry week match-ups.

I personally have used the offensive series in this book to set up talented perimeter players for open jump shots using a series of double screening actions. The ‘Hype’ offensive is a hidden gem in the basketball community and I feel that success is just around the corner for teams who are able to uncover the full potential of its 1-3-1 alignment.

I would be remiss and completely unfair if I didn’t give credit to those who have made this offense such a powerhouse. There are certainly plenty of coaches out there who have used the 1-3-1 series to bring them good fortune and plenty of wins. However, the secrets revealed in this book are held tight by many; for their very nature is enough to change the outcome of your season. The foundation of the ‘Hype’ offense is the single most important factor to understand in the game of basketball. “Basketball is a game of angles”. Triangles to be exact. The 1-3-1 plays off of the important role triangles play in proper spacing, smart passing, and lane penetration to catch the defense off guard and create unattested opportunities at the basket.


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