Train With Plyometrics to Slam Dunk


In this article I am going to explain why training with plyometrics can help you to increase your vertical and slam dunk.

Plyometrics Explained

Plyometrics are aimed to help develop your muscular power. Muscular power is involved in specific muscular movements which are called Myotatic "stretch-reflex". This occurs when your muscles stretch (this is called the loading phase) and then quickly contract thereafter. You can see this when a basketball player takes a few steps to gain momentum and then explodes upwards. The gaining of momentum creates a greater loading phase which sets the body up for a more explosive jump. Plyometric exercises are used to develop your muscles that are involved in these movements.

Plyometric Exercises

One plyometric exercise I trained with in high school to help me slam dunk was lateral skip overs. All you need for this exercise is a 12-14 "wooden box or bench. Start with your right foot on the box and your left foot on the ground. with your left foot on the box and your right foot on the ground. Repeat this with your right leg so that you end in the position that you started in. Shoot for about 10 reps per set for this exercise.

Important Things You Should Understand:

Although I trained with plyometrics to help my slam dunk, I also used plyometrics in relation with other key training styles such as strength training, fast twitch development, neuromuscular connection, and more. I used these workout styles in a way that was customized to my particular body type and weaknesses. In order to see proper gains in your vertical development, you have to use not only plyometrics, but all of these styles to fit to your body type. If you are going to be sacrificing much of your time and energy to slam dunk, make sure you are training in the smartest way possible.


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