Style Icon – Edie Sedgwick

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The world has seen many fashion icons through time changing trends of shoe and clothing styles ….

Audrey Hepburn with her long black gloves and cigarette holder, Marilyn Monroe with that all so famous white flared dress, Princess Diana with her countless flawless outfits and of course Sarah Jessica Parker with her chic high heel shoes.

But no fashion icon has made some massive impact on their era as Edie Sedgwick.
Edie ripped up the rule book and created a new, fascinating style of hers own which completely turned the 1960's upside down.

Her dynamically different sense of style came from spending her early year's studying art in Cambridge which followed her moving to New York and becoming Andy Warhol's muse and one of the most famous "Factory Girls".

Her style was unlike anyone else's before her.

She was known for her large sweeping earrings, pointed high heel shoes, leopard prints, black tights, dramatic eyes make-up and her pixie short bleach blonde hair.

Edie was a 1960's socialite and had every girl of her time wanting to look just like her as soon her fame arose.

Her 15 minutes of fame were without doubt a well spent 15 minutes that reset the rules of fashion.

Fashion today is still a reflection of what Edie Sedgwick introduced to the world of those years ago.

Pointed high heel shoes are still an essential for every girl. Edie was the first to promote the shoe in an iconic and trendy way, just like shoulder sweeping earrings (also known as statement earrings). These great fashion accessories have recently done a major come back on the catwalk and now on the high street and it seems that every girl is running out buying the largest pair of statement earrings that she can find again, Miss Sedgwick herself initially brought to the world of fashion.

To get Edie's sensational 60's style there are a few DO's and DON'Ts.

DO –

  • Wear BIG statement earrings – the bigger the better. Edie used to have earrings that would sit on her shoulders
  • Pull out Leopard print garments – if you can not pull off leopard print clothes then use leopard print accessories, such as bags, belts or shoes
  • Keep hair short and blonde
  • Wear high heel pointed shoes
  • Invest in a baker boys hat
  • Buy a big pair of shades to wear on your head while wearing your baker boys hat
  • Look in vintage / second shops – you can find some amazing buys (clothes and shoes) in vintage shops and may even be able to find some original 60's garments
  • Experiment with material and textures of clothing and shoes
  • Where dark eye make-up
  • Add your own style to Edie's – Edie was a fashion icon but modernize the look by adding a twist of your own style to it


  • Bleach your hair yourself – everyone can spot a DIY job so ensure you go to the hairdressers
  • Mix animal prints
  • Wear flat shoes – any head turning out is always finished off with a pair of high heel shoes
  • Over do the black eyes – Edie may have gotten away with it but very few people can
  • Wear real furs – you can find realistic looking fake furs for a fraction of the price and lets face it, who wants to be wearing an animal over them?

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