3 Dead Easy Steps on How to Approach a Girl in a Group


You're in a bar, club, or mall, looking salaciously at her.

However, she's stationed among a group of seemingly protective friends who chit chat nonstop with he. The clock ticks, your eyes are still fixated on her beauty, but your body freezes.

Sounds familiar? Such circumstance is the modern plague of a man's approach anxiety towards a group of women. To know how to approach a girl in a group is proven more challenging, nerve-wracking, and nail-biting than approaching a girl alone.

Most men just do not have the guts to step up to the plate, especially when there's a group of women. It feels like the odds are firmly stacked against them.

Well, knowing how to approach women in a group no longer has to be a daunting task, since I will now lay out for you a step-by-step mini blueprint of mine on how to approach women in a group.

Did you know? When a woman travels in a pack, each one of them still earns to be noticed by men. They love it when men approach them, and hate it when they do not know how to approach a girl.

So, never let the size of the group imposes an illusive barrier to entry. Remind yourself that every female member in the group is waiting to be rescued, so play supply and demand and do a great deed.

The most non-alarming and seamless way to proceed is to 'naturally' submerge into her circle. Do not dive straight for your target, and do not make it seem like you're picking anyone up. They key is to blend in and socialize first.

  1. Introduce yourself casually and assertively to everyone in the group. Play the courtesy card and ask how they're doing. The rule to engagement on how to approach a girl in a group is to first win her friends over.
  2. Once all the attention is on you, execute an opinion opener. Tell them you're conducting research, and that you'd like their honest opinion on what would make a romantic date. This question alone will have them fighting for your attention on their answers. You can also come up with your own alternative questions; just keep it relationship-centered.
  3. Time to Isolate. After everyone shares their input, express your appreciation and then ask if you can borrow your 'target' for a quick minute. At this point, they'll be more than welcoming of your advances and comfortable with your presence. Relocate with your target somewhere not so distant – anywhere that's not off her friend's inspection-limits.

Then, tell your chosen girl that you'd like to follow up with some more questions later, and it'd be wonderful if she helps out. You have a 99% chance she'll say yes.

As soon as she agreements, ask for her number or e-mail, and tell her you'll be in touch. Do not keep her away from her friends for too long. You have all the time later to talk.

Now that you're armed with this killer mini blueprint on how to approach a girl in a group, you may also want to check out more groundbreaking articles revealing the secrets on how to approach women in other different hot settings like a party, street side , coffee shop and more.

When you get a chance, please leave a comment and let me know how things work out for you.

To your dating success,
Andrew Wang

Creator of Sync Dating and Instant Addiction Formula


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