Slow Computer Performance – How to Fix Your Slow PC and Make it Run Faster


Do you ever experience slow computer performance? I believe most PC owners can attest that they have noticed a major change in their computers performance. If you experience a slowdown in performance then it is best to find quick fixes that will help improve slow performance.

Here are practical ways that can repair your computers slow performance.

# 1. It is best to install an antivirus program in your computer. Whenever you surf the internet is highly capable that your browser will get infected with viruses. When you have anti-virus installed, you are assured that your pc is protected every time you go online. You will know if your pc is infected by virus if its response is slow and you keep seeing strange errors and it will just shut keep shutting down. Antivirus programs will block, scan, quarantine and kill them in your system. So it is a good protection to your computer for any adware, spyware or malware that can threaten your system.

# 2. Another quick fix for your computer is by cleaning your windows registry. A computers registry acts as storage of various information needed for your computer to function properly. It contains registry keys or files that help run installed programs. Most people are not aware of its existence. If you are not an expert, do not dare tamper with your computers registry.

Any wrong move can damage precious data and will leave you with a useless computer. Some signs that your registry has issues are the following.

The occurrence of the blue screen of death (BSOD), extremely slow boot up and slow internet browsing. It is best that you have an external drive that will back up all important data in your hard drive, especially when your computer is starting to show signs of the blue screen of death.

The blue screen of death is caused by corrupted drivers and corrupt files. in the major of cases and once you start seeing this you need to fix it and quick.

The repair for registry problems is to use a registry cleaner. There are free downloads and it can scan, detect and repair errors in the registry. Once done it can definitely stop slow computer performance.

# 3 There are so many applications that you can run run simultaneously in your computer. We tend to run all these applications at the same time without realizing the need of our computers RAM capacity. When you experience any slow down in your PC due to the use of various applications then it is probably a case of a limited RAM.

Make sure your hard drive has enough space and that your memory can handle large quantities of data. The normal solution is to upgrade your hard drive and RAM so that your computer can handle lots of information but there is another simple solution. Remove programs you do not need or use. Only run one or two programs at a time to stop all the memory being used up and switch the computer off or restart it at least once a day.

This last step can make a big difference to slow computer performance because many programs do not release all the memory they are using, even after you close them and the only way to do it is to restart your computer. Doing this will speed up your slow PC and make it run lightning fast.


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