Sacrifice Techniques

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Sacrifice techniques are normally associated with arts where grappling and throws are emphasized such as Judo, Wrestling arts, Ju Jutsu, BJJ etc. The Kodokan Judo syllabus has a number of techniques which are actually referred to as Sutemi Waza (sacrifice techniques). They nearly always depend on the thrower falling backwards, sidewards or frontwards towards the floor in the hope of taking the opponent with them. Obviously if the person being thrown counters this or sees the techniques coming, the person performing them could fall to the floor alone, and find him / herself in an awkward position where he / she can be dominated. BJJ practitioners use a strategy when standing, to take the fight to the floor by jumping into there opponents chest, hoping to land in the guard position which they could then pull there opponent down using body body weight. Also a technique that has been used by most grapplers is the flying armbar. Rarely does it work, but is spectacular to see if carried out successfully.

These Sutemi Waza are not just limited to the grappling arts though and can be seen in striking arts. For instance whenever a jumping technique is performed. Be it a jumping roundhouse kick, a flying knee or a flying downward elbow strike, they all involve leaping from the floor and if the techniques are not carried successfully, the person throwing them can be easily countered. Another view is that kicks, low medium or high can be seen as sacrificial. When you are standing on one leg, balance is weak and this can be taken advantage of. You must be 100% committed when using sacrifice techniques. Any fear of them not working will result in failure. They must be drilled constantly so as they become second nature. A lot of people have lost a lot of fights using them, but some of the greatest losses have been won and remembered because of the sacrifice techniques employed, and stars have been born instantaneously.

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