Five Things to Know Before Going to a Cubs Game

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There’s never been a better time to be a fan of the Chicago Cubs. Since their historic World Series win in 2016 (the first since 1908), Cubbies fans have had plenty to talk about. To best enjoy the experience, here are a few things to know before going to a Cubs game.

1. Catch Up on All Their Nicknames

There are many other common nicknames that locals love to use, including Cubbies, North Siders, North Side Nine, Boys in Blue, and Baby Bears. These are all affectionate nicknames for the Chicago team. North Siders refers to where Wrigley Field lies within the city, and Boys in Blue references the color of the uniforms. But one thing is for sure since their World Series win, the term “Lovable Losers” is retired!

2. Fly the “W”

Anyone who’s ever watched a game at Wrigley Field has probably seen the white flags with a blue “W” and wondered about the meaning. In the early days of the team, a flag was flown after a game with either a “W” or an “L” to announce the outcome. In those days, the “W” was a blue flag with a white letter, but this was later switched to make the winning flag match the uniforms. Today, fans fly the “W” at games to cheer their team to a win.

3. Learn the Song

Written in 1984, the song “Go Cubs Go” is a fan favorite, and the crowd sings the refrain loudly after every victory. It’s a catchy, upbeat song, ending with the phrase, “Hey Chicago, what’d’ya say? The Cubs are gonna win today.” It won’t take long to catch on, so be sure to sing along with the fans to get the most of your experience.

4. Don’t Wear White Sox or Cardinals Colors

Every sports team has its rivalries, and the Cubs are no different. Try to avoid wearing the colors of fellow Chi-towners, the White Sox, or divisional rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals. Cubs fans are known for being passionate (they endured the longest losing streak in baseball history), so wearing one of those jerseys at a Cubs game is sure to elicit a few unhappy remarks.

5. Having a Party? Try a Rooftop

No, fans shouldn’t try to climb nearby buildings to get a good view of the game. Wrigleyville has a number of luxurious rooftop suites available for groups. Whether someone is looking for just one Wrigley Rooftop ticket or two hundred, these suites offer a full-service experience. Guests will enjoy catered food and beverages, exclusive views of the field, and no worries about the weather (or at least a comfortable place to wait out a rain delay).

With these tips, anyone can enjoy the Cubs game. So, score a Wrigley rooftop ticket and fly the “W” as the Boys in Blue swing into the next inning.

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