Affiliate Marketing Tips – How to Create Email Marketing Messages With an Impact

When visitors drop by your affiliate website, they are most likely to browse around and will usually not commit to any purchase the first time. It's a pity if you get visitors that come and go without knowing who they are, and without having the chance to speak to them and create a relationship personally.

Conversion rates are proven to be better when visitors are exposed to the product repeatedly for at least a few times. Even if you do not promote the product in your emails, just communicating with them will also make them feel that you are like an old friend and they will be more likely to buy from you if they ever need the product.

That's how useful email marketing is. But how do you write email messages that are able to create an impact on your visitors?

Here are 5 tricks you can use in crafting your email marketing messages that will leave an impression on your customers!

1) Emails come in text and HTML formats. Of course a HTML formal email looks more attractive than a plain text one, but if you include too many images, your reader may lose focus and do not see the very important link that you are trying to bring across. Plain text emails on the other hand may look more boring, but if there are links in the message, they look pretty obvious. If you are trying to promote an important link that must capture your reader's attention, a plain text email looks a better choice.

2) Your email subject should be eye-catching enough. Work along guidelines to intrigue and entice your reader to open your email in the first place! Do not send emails with subject lines that just sound really "spam". It will most likely be trashed before it even gets opened.

3) Usually, most people read emails, especially long ones, by skimming through it first. Make a very powerful introduction to capture your reader's attention to encourage them to read the whole email thoroughly. Your point about sending the email should be explained early in the email. Also, do not write emails that are exceptionally long, as your reader may lose focus. Keep it short and sweet, but to the point.

4) Insert the links that you hope the reader will click at appropriate parts of the email message. At least two links should be put in an email message to encourage the reader to click it. This is because you need to make it easy enough for the reader to take action, rather than let them find the link themselves. Creating an urgent or suspense in your message content before referring to the link typically achieves a high click-through rate.

5) Add a dash of humor and personal touch to your email messages. Write all the email messages in the campaign yourself, so that as your reader receives your emails, they will find your own voice and style more and more familiar, like talking to someone they have known. If you also offer them great tips, they will tend to trust your recommendations better over time.

Email marketing is proven to have a direct impact on increasing online sales, so if you have not started, why not give it a try instead of sending all your potential visitors straight to your affiliate merchant's website. Creating your own email marketing list takes time, but this list now gives you a list of people who you can "talk" to again and again even if you promote other affiliate products. To create an email opt-in list of subscribers with ease, just use an auto responder service, set it up and see it grow!

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