Michelle Obama – Does She Wear Size 11 Shoes?


Michelle Obama, the new First Lady of the United States of America is an inspiration to American women. She is an incredible role model for young women everywhere. Stay-at-home moms, working women, college graduates and CEO’s, are inextricably tied to Michelle. On January 21, 2009, we watched this incredible woman hold Lincoln’s bible as she took her place in history beside her husband now President, Barack Obama. America has fallen in love with this incredible, wife, mother and community activist. Her heart is full compassion for people of every nationality and race.

She’s a walking fashion statement for this generation for tall, full-footed women around the world. On Inauguration night, she was striking. She debuted an elegant one-shoulder gown by Taipei-born designer, Jason Wu. The first lady’s gown was made of silk chiffon embellished with organza and Swarovski crystal rhinestones and silver thread embroidery.  During the swearing-in ceremony, earlier that morning, she wore a classic “lemongrass” ensemble designed by Isabel Toledo. Tall women around the world held their heads a little higher, but I’m sure they were trying to guess the size of her feet. I believe I can say this with some authority. Most women who wear size 11 and up tend to try to guess the shoe size of other full-footed women. Well, I admit. I do.

Now those of us who wear large-size shoes are certainly curious of the first lady’s shoe size. I suspect she’s a size 11 or 12. The first lady wore a pair of green Jimmy Choo pumps along with her Isabel Toledo ensemble. Of course, those of us who wear size 10 and up know that Jimmy Choo has selected styles available in size 11. It’s possible that she wears a size 10. I would really love to know.   I already feel a kinship with Michelle Obama. She simply makes me proud . I also believe that we have something in common – size 11 feet. Now, wouldn’t that be something. Anything is possible!


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