Article Marketing – Writing and Submitting Articles

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Have you written an article before? Do you know what it will do for your marketing? Writing and submitting articles are one of the most effective way to get targeted customers on the net, called an article marketing. Article marketing is to show your knowledge to an audience through your article and to reach as many targeted customers as possible by submitting your article to article directories, news groups, and e-zines. Here are a simple step how you can apply to your marketing.

Writing an article does not require high skills. Some people think it is not easy task; however, you can ask someone to write an article for you, called a ghostwriter, or you can write an article by yourself. Please make sure your article is unique and informative content and between 400 to 600 words normally. Stick with one topic and develop an ideas based upon your topic. You can brainstorm or outline what you are going to write about. Once you outline your ideas, it needs to be organized into an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Introduction should include your thesis statement and a summary of your article. Begin with the general and narrow down to specific. Body paragraphs have to explain, describe, and argument about your ideas depend upon writing styles. For instance, if you have three ideas based upon your thesis statement, your body paragraphs should contain three paragraphs and support each idea. Conclusion should explain why your article is important or support your thesis statement generally.
Then you need to add a resource box including your business information such as a name, address, telephone number, and a website address. In addition to that, you need to consider a keyword writing for a search engine strategy.

For a search engine strategy, it is important to get a keyword for your topic before writing an article. The keyword is between one word to three words to explain your article about. People search some information by typing a keyword on search engines. Then the search engines look for websites containing the keyword. It may be articles, websites, or any other information that the search engines find. Once you get your keyword, it is recommended that you visit major search engines, type your keyword, and see what top 10 rankings are. Once you have an article including a keyword, you need to publish it on the net.

Submitting an article has two important tasks. Show your knowledge world-wide audience for your fields, products, and services, and gain a back link from your resource box containing your website address. you can submit your article as many article directory sites as possible, and also submit it to news groups and e-zines. Please check with search engines.

People read your article, think you are expert, and trust you. An another word, you gain credibility and trust and become an expert for your fields. As a result, you will receive more targeted customers and website traffic because people read your article are interested in your topic and visit your website. You increase a targeted customers as well as sales.

For a back link, search engines crawl a thousand of article directories everyday. They will find your website link at a resource box on your article. More directories you submit, more back links you gain. Once you write a article, host your article on the net and wait for a couple days, and submit your article to directories. Just give search engines time to find your article on your website. This means that the search engines think that your article hosting by your website is original and get a higher ranking.

Have you got some ideas how an article marketing works and how important write an article. There are many ways to promote your products and services; However, the article marketing is the fastest and the most effective way on the net. Each day, you will see your back links increasing as well as customers, and it stays on the net forever.

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